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Insurance Assessor

An insurance assessor is a person who evaluates the claims presented by the insurance policyholders. The main duty of an insurance assessor is to verify the authenticity of the insurance claim to protect the insurance company from swindlers and scammers. If insurance claims are proven to be valid, the insurance company will cover the expenses based on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. An insurance assessor also needs to check if the claims made by the policyholders are actually covered by the terms and conditions of their insurance.

While investigating the validity of the claims, the insurance assessor needs to conduct a series of interviews with people involved in the claim. The people he needs to interview, aside from the policyholder himself, may include medical practitioners, solicitors, police officers, eyewitnesses, or insurance agents. Since his job involves interviewing a lot of people, an insurance assessor must have excellent skills in communication.

An insurance assessor also needs to have excellent interpersonal, organisational, and analytical skills. To do well in his job, an insurance assessor also needs to have a good judgment. He must be able to distinguish counterfeit items from genuine ones.

What does an insurance assessor do?

The work of an insurance assessor is quite similar to that of a private investigator. The main responsibility of an insurance assessor is to investigate the cause of loss or damage declared by the policyholder in the insurance claim. An insurance assessor needs to have a keen eye for details especially when assessing and analysing different paperworks. He needs to tell apart authentic documents from forged ones so he can come up with valid theories and conclusions.

Most insurance companies require an insurance assessor to posses his own driver's licence or passport because the job entails him to travel constantly. An insurance assessor also needs to review medical records for life insurance, inspect buildings for property insurance, and check legal documents for liability insurance. After investigating the authenticity of the claim, the insurance assessor will then forward his findings to the insurance company.

Why do you need an insurance assessor?

Because the insurance company wants to protect itself from fraudulent policyholders, it hires an insurance assessor to help them investigate the authenticity of the claims. The insurance company will cover the loss or damage expenses of valid claims based on the insurance policies. Basically, an insurance assessor helps approve an insurance claim.